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About Us
The history of MediaBrainInc Company began in 2002. At first it was just a department in which a few people began advertising on the World Wide Web. The Internet had developed fast so it became evident that this was a branch of business that needed to be exploited. The department quickly expanded and consequently turned into a separate highly developed corporation. It is no wonder that it grew so rapidly, as the market of Internet-advertising develops as intensively as the World Wide Web itself. According to calculations, in 2008 the volume of expenses on Internet-advertising will be close to ($61?), increasing on 69% per year. As a result, according to global capital inputs, Internet Marketing will take third place after newspapers and television while outrunning radio and magazines.

E-marketing is making a name for itself as a way of public opinion. Typically, a customer spends a considerable amount of time in the Global Network (approximately 15% of the time he spends on media). In addition, Internet-advertising is much more convenient. It gives free scope to customers in comparison with traditional advertisement; you can easily get the information you need by visiting a company site. Contextual advertising displayed in a browser in response to a keyword search is very effective. There is a great chance that a customer will see it at the very moment when he is interested in a good or service, and most importantly, ready to order it.

MediaBrainInc is the international association of individual marketers, companies and governments committed to the advancement of marketing in the digital era. MediaBrainInc provides resources, certifications, educational programs and events to its members and the marketing community. As an experienced company of eMarketing, MediaBrainInc is committed to enriching our customers through recognition, research, advocacy, education and service.
Client confidence and an impeccable reputation in the world of marketing allows us to work successfully with the most famous search engines such as: Google ADWords, MSN, Yahoo, GetResponse, 1shoppingcart

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